There are two types of recruiters, those who specialize in an industry and those who don’t.

Most recruiters in this country do not specialize in an industry. They work under premise of supply or demand. Their way of doing business is to maximize your exposure by supplying your resume to as many employers as possible. They use their time, effort and money instead of yours to accomplish this. Your resume is then usually forwarded to a human resource department. There, it typically receives less than 10 seconds of review, by a person who may have little concept of what the hiring authority is truly looking for.

True accomplishments and meaningful experience are rarely found in a resume. Management Recruiters of Lynden fall into that small group of recruiters who specialize in a specific industry.

We have found that the best way to explain what we do is to view us as agents in an industry, just like a sports agent does. We know and consult with professionals and companies on a daily basis to best learn and understand the industries we represent. We are an insider, a provider of market place information and solutions to professionals and companies by meeting their staffing needs.

A specialized industry recruiter will be recognized:

  1. By treating resumes with complete confidentiality. Releasing your resume to whom and under terms you and your recruiter agree upon. Under certain circumstances, your resume may never leave your recruiter’s desk.
  2. As a person who has true access to the decision makers in your industry. This saves both parties time and money, as both the company’s needs and yours are met prior to the first meeting. It also means that you will be talking with the appropriate decision making authority.
  3. As a person who looks beyond your skill sets. We have found that great chemistry makes a great match. Look for a recruiter who gets to know your management style and what type of boss you work best for.
  4. As a person who finds those details and that information that is pertinent to your ideal position, that is not on your resume. Details such as organizations you belong to that you want to continue at your next job.
  5. As a trusted industry consultant who identifies for an employer opportunities that may upgrade a present position or by bringing on a position where none presently exist for the benefit of both the company any you.
  6. By providing discreet and confidential searches to meet strategic needs that cannot be publicly advertised for both talented professionals and company objectives.
  7. As one who charges a full fee of 25-35% of your first years wages. When an employer makes this significant investment in you, you can be assured that he is committed to your future with them.
  8. As working for an organization that has experience in recruiting. MRI has over 50 years of experience in providing the best talent in a most consistent manner.
  9. As a person who looks for a career-enhancing move that benefits both you and your family. A good recruiter will be looking for your best interest, not just a job change