We deliver more.

Management Recruiters of Lynden, Inc. is dedicated to motivating people and companies to reach their full potential. We are a high-integrity executive search company, specializing in recruiting top professionals for all sizes of organizations. We are committed to continuous improvement, a strong relationship-driven approach to recruiting, and our best-in-class practices will provide exceptional value-added services to each and every client.

Our Core Values



Everyone says they have it, we actually practice it. True Integrity builds a win/win/win team for the client, candidate, and us.



Utilize our 50-year proven MRI winning process for results that work


Hard Work

We truly provide access to hidden talent and exclusive openings. This comes with hard work, as evidenced by more than 750 calls per typical placement.



We dig deep, far past the job description or resume, to truly understand the characteristics and traits that create long-lasting relationship for you.


Industry Knowledge

Consulting far beyond the immediate hiring need, we provide you current, inside industry information to give you a competitive advantage.